Headshots for Actors and Corporate


Limited Time DiscountedRates 

1 Look with 2 Retouched Images: $100

2 Looks with 3 Retouched Images: $150

3 Looks with 4 Retouched Images: $200


Helpful Information

Clothing: Think simple, bright and/or deep, solid jewel colors. Don't think stripes, polka dots, or busy articles of clothing. We want people to be drawn to your face and not be distracted by your clothing. What makes you look and feel your best? Consider adding a cool looking jacket if you want that edgy look. Consider jacket and tie for guys going for that corporate look. Try to have multiple options and have them cleaned and pressed.

Location: Having just moved back to the U.S. from overseas, I am currently without a studio space. This works to your advantage. I am willing to come to you and make your space work as long as you're within 25 miles of the city center. If you are farther out, we can discuss and possible have a slight fee added for extra mileage. We can shoot outside and we can shoot inside.

Hair and Makeup: Please consider booking your own professional Hair and Makeup Artist for our shoot. There is not one included in the rates, but I will try to have some recommendations if you would like to research your options. If you do not book a professional to join us, then please have your own products available for touchups during the session. People who are not used to wearing makeup, please at least look into blotting papers (oil absorbing sheets) to help reduce shine from the lights. (Guys, I'm talking to you!!!)

On the Day: Block out at least a couple of hours of actual shoot time, and allow a half an hour on top of that for me to get my equipment set up and ready to go. I want your headshots to be as awesome as possible! I'm willing to put in a little extra time if you are.

Review of Images: Within 24 hours, I will have a private gallery set up for you to view the images from the shoot and choose you favorites that you would like me to retouch. Feel free to have agents, friends, colleagues, etc. review them too to offer their suggestions. Once you have identified the photos you would like me to work on, I will have them retouched and available for full resolution download within 24 hours. If you decide you want more photos retouched than what was part of the original package, it will cost $15 more for each image that you want edited, payable at the time of the request.

Payment: Payment must be made in full at the end of the session (or at the time of the request for additional retouched photos). Cash, checks, all major credit cards, PayPal, and Venmo are accepted.